Wine bar l'Ampelos

Situated at the heart of Hotel Terminus, L'Ampelos is a wine bar which offers a wide choice of wines from the Valais region.

Head Didier de Courten selects the range of vintages offered at L'Ampelos with his wine keeper.

A prestigious selection of Swiss and French wines is on offer as well as wines coming from various other countries.

With a contemporary luxury interior L'Ampelos is a place where wine lovers and those who wish to discover great vintages can meet.

The wine cellar

Vintage wines are an indivisible part of gastronomy for tasting as well as for inclusion in recipes, Didier de Courten takes particular care over his cellar.

The entire cellar and bar is carefully climatised, and vaulted and rendered in the traditional way. Its layout fits advantageously with larch wood racks and floor tiled with deep black Evolène stone.

The cellar houses more than 18,000 bottles, and 500 varieties, of which 80% are from the Valais region.

Discover our wine list at Restaurant Didier de Courten.

Discover our wine list at l'Atelier Gourmand and l'Ampelos wine bar.

The winemaker’s fortnight

Au bar l'Ampelos, Didier de Courten met en vedette deux vignerons par mois. En compagnie de son sommelier, il sélectionne des artisans du vin de premier ordre, qu'il a envie de vous présenter.

Durant quinze jours, vous pouvez ainsi déguster le meilleur de la production valaisanne et découvrir l'immense éventail des cépages de notre canton.

En vedette cette quinzaine: 

Cave de la Rodeline, Yvon & Claudine Roduit

The wines of Valais

Valais is the main wine growing growing area in Switzerland. With a dry, warm climate, much sun and wide soil diversity, our wines gain complex and original characters.

With 5,042 hectares and over 50 varieties of grapes, our county produces 40% of Switzerland's wine. The countryside is packed with vineyards. Small pieces of land and terraces are more common than large areas held by one owner, which makes the wine maker's task more difficult.


White wines

  • Fendant (Chasselas)
  • Johannisberg (Sylvaner)
  • Petite Arvine
  • Chardonnay,
  • Malvoisie (Pinot Gris)
  • Amigne,
  • Muscat,
  • Ermitage (Marsanne blanche)
  • Humagne blanche
  • Païen, also known as Heida.


Red wines

  • Pinot noir
  • Gamay (sometimes combined with Pinot noir to create Dôle)
  • Humagne rouge
  • Syrah
  • Cornalin
  • Diolinoir

AOC wines from Valais


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